The role of the infralimbic cortex and dorsolateral striatum mediating cocaine-induced impairments in behavioral flexibility:


The infralimbic cortex and dorsolateral striatum are implicated in the formation of transition from goal-directed to habitual control of behavior. […]

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Neurophysiological alterations in distinct corticostriatal circuits mediating behavioral flexibility in Alzheimer’s disease rat models 


Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by memory-loss, however, other cognitive symptoms often precede these deficits including cognitive flexibility and decision-making. In […]

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GABAergic signaling in the prelimbic cortex and infralimbic cortex to natural reward cues vs drug cues.

prefrontal cortex

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are associated with cycles of drug use, abstinence, and relapse. A history of SUDs leads to […]

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